Wow! This Professor Still Thinks it’s Cool to Make Tide Pod Jokes

tide pod
Images courtesy of Wikipedia, Photoshop courtesy of Kate Hoeting

By: Maddy Schilling

NORTHFIELD, MNLast Monday during an 8:30 am class Chemistry Professor George J. H. Schmidt did something no student could have expected: he made a quip about Tide Pods.

Upon interview, the 59-year-old professor stated, “I was just fed up with students falling asleep in my intro to chem class. So I decided to switch things up a bit.”

Michaelson, who describes himself as a “king of social media” because he’s “on Facebook, like, all the time” allegedly decided to show off his relatability during a discussion on isotopic analysis.

When drawing a water molecule on the board, he very astutely chose to use blue for the oxygen ion and orange for the hydrogen ions.

The professor then proceeded to say, amazed at his own witty millennialism, “Look, everyone, it’s like Tide Pods you can actually drink!”

When probed for further reflection, Professor Michaelson said, “Yeah, I guess you can say I’m a memelord now.”

Update: 5 students have since dropped the class.