#CarlTalk: How Many Stickers Is Too Many?

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Photo courtesy of Flickr

By: Jelilat Odubayo

NORTHFIELD, MN—This past Friday, Carleton students gathered to exchange meaningful dialogue on life at Carleton, Macbooks, and water bottles.

During the talk, students shared their feelings about adding stickers to their belongings. Logan Burger ’21, said that he decorates his device with stickers that “have meaning in my life.” His collection includes three Supreme stickers, a quotation sticker of a “dead author [his] professor once said he liked,” a Patagonia sticker, and a limited-edition Red Skins decal.

Burger said that he added stickers to his Nalgene water bottle when his Macbook ran out of  space. This is a trend among Carleton students, one vital to students’ existence.

According to Saturn Andropolis ’20, “I love Nalgene water bottles! I love their wide array of color combos, sizes, and the intoxicating rage and frustration I feel when the carrying loop breaks!” Many of Andropolis’ peers shared their experiences with Nalgene, even going on to reminisce on the hours they spent trying to dry their backpacks once their leak-proof water bottle leaked.

The best part of the water bottle, according to Saturn, is adding stickers to it. When asked whether it mattered if they meant anything, neither Burger or Andropolis could be reached for comment, as they had been abducted by aliens.