Male Student Compliments Minority Student on Paper: “Really Good, But Not Perfect”

Photo courtesy of Flickr

By: Jelilat Odubayo

NORTHFIELD, MN—After a class discussion on race, Andrew Woodnut felt compelled to share his thoughts on minority student Kesha’s paper, which he had peer reviewed.

Blinded by her bright color palette and impeccable daily outfit choices, Andrew let Kesha know that he thought her paper was “really good.” Delighted, Kesha responded with a thank you, a smile, and a few words on her process for writing it.

Itching to talk, although he had talked for much of the class discussion, Andrew, in good faith, let Kesha know that her paper was “really good,” but “of course not perfect.” Glad he’d complimented Kesha and added another layer of meaning to her life, Andrew valiantly headed to his next class.