First Meeting of “Carls United Against Minnesota Winters” a Hit


Image courtesy of public domain pictures

By Jordan Fues

NORTHFIELD, MN—As fall term comes to an end, many first-year Carls are faced with a new challenge: the Minnesota winter. While the change in seasons may be a welcome change to some students, dozens of students with Southern or Western US backgrounds, along with some international students, are terrified of the wintry weeks to come.

To create a sense of unity among nervous students, seniors Greg Stern and Rebecca Hadish co-founded the “Carls United Against Minnesota Winters” club. In Stern’s words, the club aims to “provide a source of comfort and both emotional and physical warmth to those students, particularly first-years, struggling in Minnesotan weather.”

In the club’s first meeting last Thursday night, Stern and Hadish provided blankets, hot chocolate, and shoulders to cry on for the whopping 120 students who attended. The attendees formed a “comfort circle” and went around the room sharing their experiences and fears.

As first-year Damian Lee put it, “People told me it would be cold here…I just didn’t think it would be as bad as people say it is.” Heads all around the circle nodded in agreement.

Rachel Prior, also a first-year, added: “I went to L.L. Bean before I left so I thought I’d be totally fine. I mean, Bean Boots are good for winter everywhere, right?”

Unfortunately for Prior, Lee, and dozens of others, they have discovered that Northfield’s winter is just “as bad” as people said it would be. Stern and Hadish hope their club can continue to provide solace and support for those in desperate need throughout the winter.