Devastating! Student Goes Abroad, Is Still Unable to Find Herself

BARCELONA, SPAIN––Carleton junior Leslie Rand is currently participating in an abroad program in Barcelona, Spain. The non-Carleton program Leslie is attending focuses on Barcelona’s present-day culture and lengthy history.

In Leslie’s words, “This program was supposed to be, like, the best thing ever for me. While I was applying for the program, I already had so many Insta-worthy restaurants in mind to go to,” she explained tearfully. “I was really counting on changing my whole vibe in Barcelona, but all I’ve learned is that I should’ve paid more attention in Spanish 103. And maybe in Spanish 204, too.”

All four of Leslie’s classes this term are taught in Spanish, which she reports makes them “like, so hard to understand.”

With four weeks left in her program, The Salt asked Leslie if she thinks there will be any time for improvement in her abroad experience.

“Well, I don’t know if a personality change will be possible at this point,” she sniffled, “but I’m getting pretty good at understanding the future tense.”

–Jordan Fues