Area Student Attempts to Outrun Prof, Finds it Impossible

NORTHFIELD, MN: Imagine this happens to you: You are walking to Sayles for food. Suddenly, you hear loud footsteps behind you. A student walking towards you smiles and greets the noise behind you by name. A cheery greeting is said back. You recognize the voice. The student’s smile widens, the sun shines, clearly, everything is fine. But the sound behind you gets closer. 

You speed up, remembering that you were once told that looking at the person you are trying to outrun slows you down. The steps behind you speed up as well. You speed up some more. The steps follow. You cannot rationally speed up anymore without looking like you are running, but the door of Sayles is only ten feet away. Safety is within reach. 

Then, the voice calls your name. You accept your fate and turn to face your professor. They smile. Incredibly friendly. TOO friendly. It’s been two weeks since the deadline. You watch your doom approach.

–Anika Jones