Rich White Guy at Carleton Listening to DaBaby Realizes He’s a Rich White Guy at Carleton listening to DaBaby

NORTHFIELD, MN — In a bout of Einsteinian revelation, junior SoAn major and CUT player Kyle MacLachlan realized his privilege for the third time in his life. After talking to his fellow radio hosts on their “You’re Killing Me Smalls” show on KRLX about the deft, home-hitting social commentary on Charlotte-based rapper DaBaby’s latest studio album, KIRK, MacLachlan’s hosts mentioned his whiteness citing what they had learned about poverty and racism in a CarlTalk their freshman year.

A McLean, VA native, MacLachlan’s first eruption into self-awareness occurred after realizing that sometimes women can speak. Another recognition of his privilege came more recently, after MacLachlan realized that AOL and AOC are two different things. 

Following this painful DaBaby episode, MacLachlan has apparently begun to reconsider attempting to immediately answer every single question in his SoAn classes first. 

–Nicole Collins