3rd Musser Plug Sues Sustainability Office for Copyright Infringement

NORTHFIELD, MN––In response to the Carleton Sustainability Office’s “Green 2 Go” initiative, local 3rd Musser plug Josh Jacobs has initiated the litigation process for copyright infringement.

“I’ve been doing Green 2 Go way before the college has –– I just want to be recognized for it,” Jacobs explained. “It’s high time I receive my due credit.”

While the aggressive legal action shocked some, one 3rd Musser resident was not surprised. “I smelled it coming,” the resident, who asked to remain anonymous, said. “Josh is always baking up [good ideas], and people try to mooch off of him, including college administrators.”

While legal experts expect the college to successfully defend themselves, Jacobs is prepared to bring forward more cases. He’s supposedly seen people microwaving their Green2Gos, which may be a ripoff of another Jacobs trademark, the Hot Box.