Carleton Expels Student over Plagiarism, Keeps Rapists on Campus


By: Paulina Hoong

NORTHFIELD, MN Carleton College has long been committed to stopping plagiarism – preventing students from copying each other’s works. A relatively undiscussed issue, The Salt decided to look into its effects on campus.

“I think the issue of plagiarism is a serious matter,” said the Associate Dean of the College and chair of the Academic Integrity Committee. “When students plagiarize, they are taking advantage of other students without asking for their fellow students’ consent. As a consequence, these students are expelled from campus, so other students will no longer be taken advantage of. Students will definitely feel more safe on this campus now that they know their academic efforts won’t be copied by other students.”
When asked about other punishments, especially rape, the Dean commented, “Our fight against plagiarism proves that Carleton is committed to fostering a safe environment. There are, however, extenuating circumstances. I mean in terms of keeping senior rapists on campus, they’re just going to graduate in a few months anyway, so victims should just wait it out and deal with it. It’s selfish to deny another student their shot at a good education. You shouldn’t go around and ruin someone’s life.”