Freshman Frustrated at Overemphasis on Argument, Lack of Inquiry


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By: Morgan Ross

NORTHFIELD, MN – Emitting an exasperated moan as she and her fellow first years left “How To Be A Rebel: Rebellions Throughout History,” Tabitha Peters turned to her friend to bemoan the excessive time spent arguing without a chance for inquiry in their A&I.

“How are we supposed to inquire when we spend the whole damn time arguing?” she asked. “Like, I get that it’s important to debate whether the rebellions were justified or not, but when will we get to pose questions of our own?”

“Rebellions” is one of a wide array of A&I seminars that are required for graduation. Said to lay the basis for a Carleton education, some students don’t believe it lives up to its name.

“I mean come on! It’s an argument AND inquiry seminar,” continued Peters. “Professor Watkins doesn’t know what on earth she’s doing.”

Professor Watkins, when asked for comment, simply replied that the disproportionate levels of argument and inquiry would eventually level out.

“If she wants her inquiry, she’s going to get it all right,” said Watkins in a statement. “Trust me – by ninth week she’ll be up the wazoo in it.”