Brave Man Creates Healing Circle for Rapists

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By: Kate Hoeting

NORTHFIELD, MN – In a world filled with threatening feminists and decent humans, one small group of rapists is trying to make a difference.

“Life isn’t always easy for a rapist,” says Tuck Burner, the group’s founder. “Do the vast majority of us go on living our lives? Sure. But many of us have to go to court. And don’t get me started on the discrimination we face in our daily lives. It’s hard to get a job as a sex offender! I wonder when people will acknowledge the struggles of the sex offender community.”

A whopping 0.006% of the rapist community will face jail time at some point in their journey. But Burner says those voices aren’t loud enough. “Any given rapist might be expected to defend themselves, as if they’ve done something wrong. Court is a life-changing and humiliating process. For example, my judge had the audacity to only partially blame the victim.”

Before they begin their Friday night meeting, the group joins hands and sings Blurred Lines. “That song was so popular,” says one member of the healing circle. “Listening to it reminds me that at the end of the day, most Americans are on our side.”