Parents Visiting for Family Weekend Realize Kid is “Not Really That Great Anymore.”

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By: Madi Ho

NORTHFIELD, MN Carleton’s much-anticipated Sesquicentennial Celebration and Family Weekend drew crowds from across the country.

Mary and Jeff Rothschild traveled from Springfield, Illinois to visit their son, freshman Samuel Rothschild. After a whole six weeks apart, both parents were eager to see their child. Acquaintances of the couple reported hearing Mr. and Mrs. Rothschild refer their son as “a really great kid” on several occasions. On move-in day, the couple said, “The distance will be difficult for both of us, but we’re confident this place will be good for him.”

At the end of Family Weekend, though, Mr. and Mrs. Rothschild had a change of heart.

“I don’t know, I guess I was just expecting more. He was kind of disappointing in person, you know?” Mr. Rothschild said when asked if he was happy to see his son again.

“It’s been nice to see him, but I just feel like he’s not really that great anymore. Like, college has really changed him.” Mrs. Rothschild told The Salt. “I don’t know, maybe it’s just that I’ve changed too. But I’m just not really as into his whole vibe anymore.”