SWA Dog Depressed after Exposure to Carls

Image courtesy of Pixabay

NORTHFIELD, MN—Murphy, a mixed breed SWA dog, can usually be seen chasing squirrels or wagging his tail on walks. However, over the past week, Murph hasn’t shown up to work, exercised, or even barked at fellow canines.

“It’s pretty clear he’s fallen into a deep depression after trying to comfort Carleton students,” one Student Wellness Advocate said when asked about Murph’s behavior.

One Carl attempted to cheer the dog up with a ‘Ruff day?’ pun, but it was to no avail.

Another suggested getting a second SWA dog for Murph. “Sorta like a happiness chain, ya know? That could work.”

The dog was last spotted in bed watching an Air Bud marathon and contemplating his life choices.