Strange moaning noises heard from the arb, ghosts allegedly cause of the disturbance


Photo courtesy of Pexels

By Maddy Schilling

NORTHFIELD, MN—Last Friday, strange, possibly ethereal moaning noises were reported to have been heard near the entrance to Lower Arb.

First-year and self-described “lone wolf” Forrest Walker, who filed the report, said, “Yeah, it was super weird. I was just out taking my midnight stroll when I heard these weird…like…grunts or something. At first I thought it might have just been a couple of wild animals, but after a while, the noises just wouldn’t stop. I was too flustered to contact campus security, so I contacted my colleague in CaSPER (Carleton Society of Paranormal and Extraterrestrial Research). He said it was most likely a purgatory-bound specter: what you normies would call ‘a ghost.’ I was really scared.”

Walker additionally noted that as he approached the source of the noise, he found a “scattered mess of clothes” strewn throughout a pile of bushes.

“That’s when I knew I was in trouble,” Walker stated. “Specters are known to leave behind traces of their victims as a means to warn human beings of their presence. And also the moaning just started getting more intenseI even heard some screams! I just had to bolt right there.”

Senior Jocelyn Kaster, who had been in the Arb that same Friday night with her girlfriend, responded to Walker’s fears by stating, “You know, I think it was just a couple of wild animals.”