Man Walking out of Northfield Liquor Definitely Not Just Two Kids in a Trench Coat

NORTHFIELD, MN – That guy walking out of Northfield Liquor? He’s 34.

You may have thought two 12 year olds stacked themselves in a trench coat in an elaborate ruse to obtain alcohol, but you’d be dead wrong. Just a man well above the legal drinking age going about his daily business.

Two minors just bought a six pack of beer? Nope, sorry, no acts of youthful knavery here. Simply a guy walking around.

What was he doing, you ask? Not sure, but he certainly wasn’t wearing a novel disguise with the intention of fooling an unsuspecting clerk at Northfield Liquor.

I mean, just look at how tall he is. He must be at least, let’s say, 21 years of age. And the old timey hat alone should convince you that is one large human being, rather than two separate entities.