Paul Ryan Announces 2022 Presidential Bid for Carleton College

NORTHFIELD, MN—In an interview late last night, Paul Ryan explained his decision to not run for reelection in 2019.

“While retiring from Congress gives me the opportunity to focus on my family, I want to continue working in the future,” Ryan commented. “That is why tonight, I am declaring my bid for presidency…of Carleton College in 2022. I will take two years following my retirement from Congress to spend time with my loved ones before returning to the world of politics.”

Said Ryan, “I plan to take my later years in a new direction—focusing on our country’s youth at the source. I look forward to my time as president at one of America’s finest liberal arts institutions.”

Ryan’s presidential bid comes as a surprise to current Carleton College president Poskanzer, who was inaugurated at Carleton in 2010. President Poskanzer has yet to make a public statement about the bid.

–Jordan Fues