If Crane Is God, What Happens When Crane Is Gone?

MCGOUGH CONSTRUCTION SITE– This increasingly pressing issue has been on the minds of a clear majority of Carleton students, who have become comforted by the presence of the Crane, perhaps the only constant in their turbulent lives. Many are struggling with the inevitable removal of the crane.

One irreverent first-year, having never witnessed a dreary, crane-less campus, shrugged and said that “the campus will probably be nicer.”

Another student from St. Olaf said that he’d “never seen a crane.”

Many others, however, attest to the Crane’s central role in their daily lives, and say they would be lost without its strength and guiding arm.

Despite this, sophomore Mary Deluisa has a vision of hope and reassurance for all of us. With certainty, optimism, and admirable intensity, Deluisa stated that, even when we cannot see it, “Crane is never truly gone.”

Let us remember, therefore, that when gone physically, Crane remains integral in the soul, heart and very foundation of Carleton.

-Saraswati Vadnais