Budget Committee Announces Sharpies Will Be Only Item Authorized for Student Organization Spring Allocations

by Tate Bosler

SAYLES-HILL CAMPUS CENTER — In an effort to simplify cognitive workloads for students, CSA Budget Committee announced today that the only item that student organizations will be permitted to use CSA funds to purchase in the 2019-2020 academic year will be Sharpies.

“The current guidelines are just too cumbersome for organizations to understand, and frankly we have no idea what half of them are,” Budget Committee member Steve McDouglas ’19, a jaded senior, said. “Most of the meetings have ended with us asking ourselves whether a request is morally right for the college to back. We don’t want to get into a situation where we’ve approved something outright ridiculous that’s just a waste of money.”

In the announcement, the Budget Committee stressed the importance of student artwork around campus and how the influx of Sharpies will help contribute to a goal of having every viable surface covered in artwork. The Budget Committee specifically commended the work of KRLX members, who covered two desks and both sides of a giant door in Sharpie drawings over the course of fall term.

“KRLX was a great pilot organization to test out the idea and they’ve been great partners to work with throughout this process,” McDouglas said. “Anyone who’s been there knows that the Sharpie drawings are what make the studio really unique. We’re impressed at the speed KRLX covers absolutely everything in Sharpie. Even random buttons get weird faces drawn on them.”