Opinions: The New Science Center’s Sculptural Light Fixture

NORTHFIELD, MN–In case you’ve been living under a rock or just neglecting your Carleton email for the last month, the College is hiring an artist to design a sculptural light fixture for the new science center. The Salt asked our readers what they thought about the project.

“As a STEM major, this new science building is the most important thing in my life right now. Do you know how hard double labbing is? Because I’ve done it for the last four terms, and–” –Hellen N., STEM Major

“I would rather swim in Lyman Lakes than get ANOTHER of those bullshit emails from Becky whats-her-face.” –Mark E., Junior

“We need this. All of us. Please, I need this job.” –Gretchen H., Staff Member

–Jordan Fues