CSA refuses to fund 3rd Goodhue Minecraft server

By Nicole Collins

NORTHFIELD, MN — The Carleton Student Association (CSA) this Tuesday controversially voted down funding for the proposed 3rd Goodhue Minecraft Server.

The decision has upset the 3rd Goodhue community, who pointed toward the CSA’s previous May 2018 decision to fund a server for 2nd Musser.

“It’s hypocritical and prevents the sort of sovereignty and creativity Carleton so deeply cherishes,” said 3rd Goodhue resident George Howell ‘22. “Can’t the CSA grant the two worst dorms on campus something as small as this to numb the pain?”

CSA President Cynthia Tatte ‘19 pointed toward issues of budget exhaustion as the source of the issue.

“As much as we’d like to provide Goodhue residents a light at the end of the tunnel, we completely sapped our budget on Zagster,” she said. “Let me be perfectly clear on this: The CSA does not have an official position on Minecraft. This decision does not at all reflect our personal biases.”

3rd Goodhue residents have scheduled for next week a Tuesday Group discussion on the issue.