Stevie P. on Polar Vortex: “I Will Not Cancel Until Animal Collective Releases a Good Album Again”

By Nicole Collins

NORTHFIELD, MN – In his January 29 all-campus email announcing Carleton’s refusal to cancel during the polar vortex, President Steven “Stevie P.” Poskanzer claimed he does not plan to halt school activities until experimental pop quartet Animal Collective releases “a good album again.”

“I’m counting solo releases, too,” Poskanzer added. “Panda Bear’s new album was trash.”

Poskanzer is a known avid mid-2000s Animal Collective fan, citing the group’s albums Sung Tongs and Feels—along with member Panda Bear’s third studio album, Person Pitch—as influences in him deciding to become Carleton’s president.

“What can I say, I’m just a catty bitch who’s a sucker for skinny white guys who drop acid,” he said.