Smosh to Host Convo about Cannon River Pollution

Zany internet jokesters and iconic “SHUT UP!”ers Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla 😳—better known by their stage name “Smosh” 😻—are coming to Carleton next week to host a special three-hour Convo on pollution in the Cannon River. 👀 

Sponsored by the Cannon River Watershed Partnership (CRWP) 🌊, the talk is hoped to electrify ⚡ Carleton’s college student, 18–22-year-old demographic 🚶, to get them more involved in the project. 🌞 

Based in Northfield, the CRWP is a non-profit aiming to “[engage] people in protecting and improving the water quality and natural systems of the Cannon River watershed ,” according to the project’s website. 📱 

Through important partnerships with both individuals and organizations, as stated in their 2019–2022 Strategic Framework document, the CRWP strives to maintain their core values of resilience, equity, and community engagement 🔥. Collaborating with Local Government Units is a crucial step in the CRWP’s strategy of establishing working relationships with other local organizations and increase Rice County engagement in cleaning up the river and promoting more environmental/climate change awareness in general—among numerous other goals. 🥅 

In 2018 (per their 2018 Impact Report), the CRWP helped engage 202 farmers and landowners through various community events and outreach 👨🌾; installed 15 erosion prevention systems 🛑; and logged 7,328 hours of volunteer engagement in various environmental education programs 🤓. 

And having promoted climate change awareness and environmentally friendly practices for years on their YouTube channel, Smosh hopes to instill a sense of responsibility and motivation among Carls. 😎 

Now THAT’s how you Internet! 😂

–Nicole Collins