Datamatch Algorithm Actually Just ResLife Director

NORTHFIELD, MN– Didn’t you love your rooming situation freshman year? According to Ellie Roberts, Director of Residential Life, such an outcome may be expected.

“First-year roommate pairings are really just a warm-up for the Datamatch season,” she explained. “Pairing first-years together for one year in a Musser double is one thing; but connecting students with each other on Valentine’s Day? That leads to a lifelong commitment.”

Datamatch has been an intense focus of the Office of Residential Life for the last two years. 

“Before the days of Datamatch, ResLife spent most of its budget on research about the efficacy of cat gifs in emails. We are pleased to have the opportunity to help students find others who are undoubtedly their soulmates.”

– Joey Silknitter