Friday Flowers in Adjacent Mailbox Give Student False Hope

NORTHFIELD, MN– Here we go again. After an extra early 1a exam, sophomore Lily Rose was looking for anything to cheer her up. When she spotted the forget-me-nots peeking out from the mailboxes in Sayles, she thought her wish had been granted. Tragically, she couldn’t have been more naive. Upon closer inspection, she realized the flowers were, once again, in the mailbox directly left of hers. 

“It’s totally fine, I wasn’t expecting anyone to give me flowers!” said Rose, deftly stifling the raging monologue of insecurity playing out in her mind. 

“Seriously, it’s not a big deal. I was gonna check my mailbox anyway,” she assured herself, carrying the delusion further. 

This wasn’t the first time such an incident had torn Rose’s hopes out at the root, and it certainly would not be the last. 

– Sophia Franco