Pass/Fail Debate Falls into Chaos Over How to Write S/Cr/Nc

Frustrated students arguing while having a class in a computer lab.

At 9:14pm CST Sunday night, Carls took to the internet to voice their concerns over whether spring term classes should be mandatory pass/fail. The debate quickly became heated as students tore each other apart over how “scrunch” is written.

Sophomore Tyler Apple was ecstatic to take part in a productive, late-night Moodle conversation. However, after gently inquiring as to the merits of opting-in to a “S/Cr/NC”, he was slammed by junior Samantha Cruse. The Salt reached out to Cruse, who explained it was egregious for another Carl to write scrunch with a lowercase r. “Everyone knows it is S/CR/Nc. This is simply unforgivable.”

At press time, Samantha Cruse was in a heated Moodle DM exchange with a senior who spells scrunch with both a lowercase r and a lowercase c.

–Joey Silknitter