Carleton Junior Grateful for Legitimate Excuse not to Attend Convo

NORTHFIELD, MN–“I definitely would have gone to convocation if not for it being canceled,” asserted junior Dylan Hardwick. “I also would have gone during one of the Fridays of winter term, but I had that thing come up nine times.”

Dylan is but one member of a growing population of Carls who always found themselves “doing a thing” between 10:50-11:50am CT on Fridays. Last term, The Salt spoke with sophomore Samantha Meyer on a Friday during this period of time. “I just don’t have that much time in my schedule. It’s really hard to dedicate one hour of my day to listening to a speaker Carleton pays to bring to campus for our benefit.”

“Sure, convocation is one of the reasons I enrolled at Carleton, but the reality is that there are too many other commitments,” Meyer admitted. Interviewers’ conversation with Meyer was cut short because she needed to “avenge last week’s billiards loss against Dylan Hardwick.”

— Joey Silknitter