Thoughtful Professor Increases Coursework to Make Up for Lack of Socializing on Campus

NORTHFIELD, MN––Despite the nice weather, Carleton’s campus has been noticeably quiet since classes resumed in September. With the necessary COVID-19 safety guidelines in place and most courses being taught online, there’s been little room for students to socialize with their peers. Fortunately for one Sociology class, Professor Al Wazebusy has made tackling loneliness among students his mission. In an innovative new approach to addressing the lack of social interaction, Professor Wazebusy is using homework to replace hangouts. “I know things have been hard for my students which is exactly why I’m trying to leave them with as little time as possible to feel bored and isolated!” Professor Wazebusy has managed to add an impressive 35 hours to the weekly coursework in the form of daily video essays, weekly manuscript submissions and surprise take-home tests buried deep in Moodle. “I thought that if I could just assign some extra busy work, well maybe students wouldn’t have to feel so alone.” Students in Professor Wazebusy’s seminar could not be reached for comment on his heartwarming teaching strategy.

– Sophia Franco