Carleton College Announces its New Reality TV Show: “Settle in Ten Weeks or Less”

Happy holidays to you and happy Cuffing Season! Our PEACOCK PRODUCTION ENTERTAINMENT NOW team at NBC is partnering with Carleton College for the 2021–2022 season to develop an all new and completely original dating reality TV series where sad, stressed, and anxious twentysomethings enter the race of their lifetime: the race for love.

After months of rigorous auditions, we have finally chosen 24 lucky students for our first season! We’ve picked them in part for their interesting personalities but mostly for their insanely good looks. We had some difficulty finding 24 at first, so we’ve brought over a few St. Olaf students. Wowie. There are some serious hotties over there.

Every week, a group of Carleton (and St. Olaf) students will face challenges like building a computer, solving a few math problems, or writing a nice book report! (The college’s professors will deal with the “challenge” portion of the show’s planning… we’re just here to televise it.) But get this: They must complete their “challenges” while finding love! If a contestant does not secure a date with another contestant by the end of the week, they are kicked off the show and physically kicked into the winter cold. However, due to this year’s record high temps in Minnesota, the Losers will hitch a ride in the Loser mobile (Stevie P’s decked out Tesla) to colder temps. Groovy!

If one pair manages to complete the challenges while upkeeping all appearances of true love for ten entire weeks, then both contestants will win a stuffed cow, a brand new Carleton graphic tee, and a signed note from the Carleton administration promising to not reduce their financial aid should the contestant not return to campus the following term!

Come for a stroll through Sayles-Hill to watch “Settle in Ten Weeks or Less” live!

–Kapani Kirkland