Campus security discovers dozens of moldy Green2Go boxes in Dean Livingston’s house

Northfield, MN — On Sunday, May 30th, Carleton campus security uncovered dozens of partly-eaten Green2Go containers in the home of Dean Livingston. 

“It’s pretty clear that these Green2Go boxes haven’t been returned since winter term,” explained head of Carleton security John Smith. “I suspect that Dean Livingston hasn’t cleaned these up since she left for spring break.”

When reached for comment, Bon Appétit affirmed that they are committed to conducting a thorough investigation. “Any lost Green2Go is a tragedy,” lamented regional executive officer James Foods. “Bon Appétit will not rest until we arrive at a sufficient explanation for this injustice.”

At press time, Carleton security added that they also uncovered a gold t-shirt, cans of Hamms, and a softball bat in Dean Livingston’s back yard.