French Citizens Give Police An A+ For Effort

By: Sarah Leong-Fern
PARIS, France – Although the November terrorist attacks still echo in the minds of many Parisians, they are confident and proud about their government’s brave response. Under the auspices of a state of emergency, it has quickly acted to hunt down terrorists in France and prevent future attacks, conducting raids on the houses of suspects. Several Parisians were interviewed to see if they felt that it was enough.

“I’m very proud of our police,” said Charles Durand. “They have the courage and the skills to make the hard choices, like the choice to break four teeth of a disabled man.”

“I mean, they thought he was someone else at the time, obviously,” Louise, his wife, added quickly, “but just knowing that they’re willing to go to such lengths makes me feel a lot safer.”

Most Parisians agreed. With Muslim shops destroyed, Muslim businesses ruined, and dozens of Muslims under house arrest, they feel that their government is finally in control of the situation.

“When I heard that the police had taken two young children from their mother and placed them into state custody to prevent her from moving to Morocco,” said Louise, “I thought: ‘they really are doing everything they can think of to keep us safe.’ And that’s all you can ask for. So good on them.”☐