Canada’s New National Day Of Smugness Set For America’s Election Day

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By: Sarah Leong-Fern

OTTAWA, CANADA – Today, Canada made an announcement that sent shockwaves through the rest of the world: it would celebrate a National Day of Smugness for the very first time this November 8, which coincides with America’s election day.

The holiday is a major breakthrough in Canadian culture, which has always been founded on a national mandate to act politely and release all potential violence through hockey.

Multiculturalism and “don’t say anything about it” attitudes have risen to such heights that dozens crimes go unreported each year because of the great Canadian reluctance to meddle into others affairs. With that history, this new willingness to show even a slight amount of smugness towards another country may appear an odd choice.

However, there have been rumblings of this cultural shift for a long time. In the inception of both Canada and its southern neighbor, similar genocidal behavior and miserable living conditions prevented any one country from feeling superior to another. However, Canada has come under a condition that has made it smugness a prime temptation: Justin Trudeau. 

When asked for comment on the upcoming holiday, Canadian citizens laughed outright, while Canadian-Americans laughed until they cried, and Americans simply cried.