Garrison Keillor Reported Doing Body Shots in 3rd Musser During Sesquicentennial Celebration


By: Paulina Hoong

NORTHFIELD, MN Last October, Carleton’s sequincentennial convocation speaker and host of “Prairie Home Companion” Garrison Keillor celebrated the school’s birthday with some students. After Keillor’s convocation speech, sophomore Jaime Rojas approached the radio host and invited him to his party. “Garrison, that was a dope speech you gave. I think you’re super cool, and you should totally come to my party tonight. It’s in Musser 322, the long building over on the West Side of campus at 10 PM. Some upperclassmen bought me a case of MSR and tequila. It’s gonna be lit!”

Rojas met Keillor in the entryway of Musser and led him to the party. As Keillor entered 322 Musser, students invited him for a game of beer pong. Keillor and his team of freshmen won the game. Later in the night, Keillor was seen kneeling on the floor taking a body shot of tequila and drinking from a frisbee. Next morning, Keillor, hungover, said, “Damn those college kids really know how throw a party!”