Male Student Acknowledges Privilege before Mansplaining to Women’s and Gender Studies Professor

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By: Dylan Larson-Harsch

NORTHFIELD, MN — As he interrupted his professor Janet Chen for the fourth time in a single class period, freshman Brad Williamson courageously acknowledged that living in a patriarchal system gave him, as a man, certain privileges.

“I know that I’m a man, so my viewpoint is privileged over that of women by patriarchal society,” Williamson said. “But I think what you’re really trying to say is that Chopin’s The Awakening isn’t really about gender at all but rather an escape from the natural hardships of human life.”

We caught up with Williamson after class to find out more.

“I really took Early Feminist Literature to see what this whole ‘liberal arts’ thing is all about,” Williamson said. “I’m from Dallas, well, actually, a suburb 45 minutes outside of Dallas. So I haven’t had that much experience with feminism. I think I’m really winning at it, though. I probably volunteer the most out of anyone in the class.”

As thoughtful as ever, Williamson also shared his concern for the female students in his class.

“I’m worried that they don’t speak up as much as they should,” said Williamson. “The patriarchy isn’t going to dismantle itself.”