Mom Sits in on Child’s Class, Earns Better Participation Grade


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By: Madi Ho

NORTHFIELD, MN Last October, parents flocked to campus to reunite with their dearly missed children at Carleton’s Sesquicentennial Celebration and Family Weekend.

Marissa Lakin, mother to freshman Frank Lakin, drove five hours from a small town in Wisconsin in order to attend the celebration. Lakin sat in on her son’s A & I, “How To Be A Rebel: Rebellions Throughout History” class. Much to her son’s chagrin, Mrs. Lakin was an avid listener, and even contributed to the discussion with her own extremely relevant take, as a middle-aged white woman, on the Black Lives Matter movement.

A confidential source reported  Professor Jones has confirmed that Mrs. Lakin is in fact earning a better participation grade in the class than Frank.