SOAN Announces New Concentration in “Bro Culture Studies”

image courtesy of Wikimedia commons

By: Isabelle Hunter

NORTHFIELD, MN — Last Tuesday, the Sociology and Anthropology Department at Carleton announced a new Bro Culture Studies Concentration. The new program seeks to expand awareness and understanding of the Bro Culture in the Carleton community and Western world. This concentration will provide students with an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural approach with which to examine the “complex and deeply misunderstood Bro community,” according to self-proclaimed Bro Brian Connor, who prefers to go by Chad. Chad continued, “Everyone always says #carlshelpcarls, but what about #broshelpbros? Bros are people too. We have a culture, and it’s about time we get to talk about it.”

The Salt obtained a copy of the course listings. Here are some of the new course listings Carleton students can look forward to:

BCST 217: A Case Study: Rage Cage (Cross-Listed with BCST 217L: Rage Cage Lab)

This course will offer a hands-on educational approach to the cultural phenomenon of Bro drinking games and Bro party culture with a specialized focus on Rage Cage at Carleton. Topics on flip cup, Fuck You Peter, King’s Cup, and beer pong will also be explored.

Saturday, Hunt House, 11:30pm-1:00am

6 credits: Quantitative Reasoning

Social Inquiry BCST 235: Bromance Through the Ages

Beginning with a study of Achilles and just about every guy with a hot bod, to modern day classics such as Brokeback Mountain, this course will examine the portrayal of “two super close bros bro-ing out” in media and literature throughout history. #nohomo.

6 credits: Humanistic Inquiry, Literary/Artistic Analysis

BCST 266: The Hardships of Accepting Your Privilege

Bros can’t help it that their ancestor Bros belittled and oppressed everybody! Dedicated to tackling the stigmas surrounding Bro privilege, this class will offer insight into the serious struggles that Bros face on a day-to-day basis. It’s just not easy being a straight, white, cisgender male these days.

6 credits: Social Inquiry, Intercultural Domestic Studies