Dean Livingston Spotted Amongst Streakers At Silent Dance Party

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By: Morgan Ross

NORTHFIELD, MN – Students partaking in the Silent Dance Party, a Carleton tradition, as well as students frantically studying for the weekend were taken aback as they saw Dean of Students Carolyn Livingston amongst thirty streaking Carls.
“Wooooooooooooooooo!” she screamed as she weaved through the shocked onlookers on 2nd Libe.
The Dean of Students is well-liked by the student body for her outgoing nature and desire to connect with the students. She certainly proved her dedication to both of these attributes Friday night.
“I mean, it’s pretty normal to see students running around in groups naked here at Carleton,” said Carleton student Myra Valdez. “But Dean Livingston? That was surprising.”
The Salt spoke with a fully-clothed Dean Livingston after the event.
“Oh, the students were surprised?” she said, laughing and donning her trademark smile. “Puh-lease! When I was in college we did that all the time! We didn’t even call it streaking back then — we called it Thursday afternoon!”
The students were also surprised to see Carleton President Stevan Poskanzer at the event, though he kept his clothes on and stayed only briefly. According to reports, he thought that the streakers would be William and Bridget Streaker, the multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, and had arrived to try to secure funding for Carleton’s plan to tear down, relocate, or redo every single fucking building on this campus next summer. However, upon realizing that neither Mr. nor Mrs. Streaker were going to arrive, he took a couple of wallets from the pile of the streakers’ clothes to salvage the evening.