Donald Trump Accidentally Tags Vladimir Putin in Facebook Meme

By: Gaby Tietyen-Mlengana


WASHINGTON, D.C. –  This past week, leaked photos revealed that Donald Trump tagged Russian leader Vladimir Putin in a Facebook post.  The post contained a meme criticising Vice President Mike Pence, leading the press to speculate about a rift between the President and the Vice President. Additionally, many reporters and even some congressmen have questioned the nature of Trump and Putin’s relationship. When asked for comment on the Russian controversy, Trump stated, “I don’t know Russia.”


Although some pundits predicted that this social media scandal would force a reckoning within the Republican party regarding the many allegations, including allegations of electoral fraud, surrounding the President’s relationship with Russia. However, when confronted with this leak, many Trump supports claimed that this post was just a clear example of ‘Facebook talk.’ Well-known local organizer and Trump supporter Leslie Schilling said, “‘Facebook talk’ is somewhat like ‘locker room talk.’ It’s  a term used to describe things you post on Facebook that you don’t really mean.”


Milwaukee resident Bobby Girard said, “When I saw the leaked photos, I knew it was just another example of ‘Facebook talk.’ It’s a time when guys just get together and talk on Facebook. They don’t mean it. All Facebookers have done it.” Trump has yet to officially release a statement on the incident.


Trump’s key advisor, Kellyanne Conway, believes that this meme demonstrate the President’s “incredible innovation” in the realm of international relations. “Never has a U.S. President been Facebook friends with a Russian President. I mean, Reagan wasn’t even on this level. With less than a month in office, already President Trump is truly groundbreaking.”


Many wonder how Vice President Mike Pence has taken the news. Reports say that Pence found the meme “funny,” and announced that he does have legislation underway to outlaw the X-Men.


When asked for an official response, the Russian government replied, “Well who do you think released it? ;)”

Editor’s Note: Trump has since released this statement.