Winter Term Freshman Still Has Hopes and Dreams


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By: Paulina Hoong

NORTHFIELD, MN Freshman Zack Dunn still has ambitious dreams after completing one and a half terms at Carleton.

“When I started college, I wanted to do the pre-med track while double majoring in Russian and Physics. After an inspirational week-long mission trip in Chile, I wanted to make the Dean’s List and become President of the Carleton Democrats, CANOE, and the CSA Senate. I think I’m still on track to reach these goals!”

“Sometimes I feel down, especially when the sky is grey and it’s so cold and every plant is is dead, but I still wake up every morning to go to my 1a. My classmates keep telling me that the first term is hard for everyone. So it’s natural to feel a little down. Last term, I got a D in my Russian class, didn’t make it to enough P.E. classes to get the credit, and failed my A&I. But I’m keeping busy, which is what we’re supposed to do, I thinklast Monday, I missed breakfast and lunch because I was meeting with a professor and going to the Career Center to review my resume. But am I still optimistic? Yeah! I’m still optimistic. I can still make all my dreams come true. Who’s going to save the African children if it’s not me?”