Man Wins Nobel Prize for Giving Greatest Women Writers Helpful Tips

By: Brynne Diggins


STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – Last night, Leo M’Gaveráge beat fierce competition and won the Nobel Prize for Literature.

M’Gaveráge’s principle work includes encouraging comments on New York Times Reviews of novels by the likes of Toni Morrison and Sue Monk Kidd.

Bob Davidson, chair of the Nobel Prize in Literature, said, “Joe has done some incredible work commenting on reviews of women’s work. He really just understands how to motivate the female mind. For that, we owe him full credit for the best literature in the world. These women were undoubtedly honored and compelled by his comments, and we are grateful to his contribution to the world of literature.”

Some of his most lauded pieces include, “I really loved reading Beloved, keep up the great work Toni!” and “Wow, In the Woods was an incredible novel, but I think the characters could have been a little more realistic. Good stuff to grow on here, though. I look forward to reading more by Tana.”

M’Gaveráge is currently working on his next Facebook comment, directed towards Mary Oliver. “I’ll be done with it in a few months, I think,” he said. “It’s just so important to me to get it right, especially since I know how much my words can affect these women.”