Carleton Unveils Plan to Solicit Donations from “Prospective Alumni” in Admissions Activities

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By: Dylan Larson-Harsch

NORTHFIELD, MN President Poskanzer announced on Friday that Carleton would begin to solicit monetary donations from “prospective alumni” and their parents in admissions events such as campus tours and Accepted Students Days. The Admissions Office will also revamp its brochures and website to enumerate the benefits of donating to a college before receiving an acceptance letter.


While Poskanzer noted that, “These monetary donations will in no way affect how a student does during the application process,” he also said that, “Giving to Carleton is a stupendous vehicle prospective students can use to demonstrate their vigorous support for our institution and the illustrious paragons it pursues. Pledging financial support prior to attending the institution most certainly will not damage, impede, or obstruct the formidable strength of a prospective student’s application awaiting consideration.”


Paul Thibodout, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, said that, “The new initiative will give voice in the application process to a new segment of students who previously went unheardthose with lots of money.”


Poskanzer emphasized that the college will use money from the new initiative to benefit Carleton students by remodeling Career Center building. However, he specified that the Tunnel will remain unchanged.