LDC Awarded Michelin Star for Duration of Accepted Students Days

Image courtesy of commons.wikimedia.org

By: Geoffrey Mo

NORTHFIELD, MN In last week’s ceremony, the LDC was awarded a Michelin star for its service during Accepted Students Days. A Michelin star is one of the most highly regarded awards in the culinary world, and is bestowed upon only the best restaurants.

The Michelin inspectors visited on the Thursday evening of Accepted Students Days. The menu on that day included smoked salmon bruschetta, raw oysters, œuf de poule, bœuf bourguignon, gateau des rois, et crème brûlée.

Head Chef Josh Appleton remarked that he was immensely proud to be recognized for his creativity. “When Bon Appetit hired me, they charged me with the task of revitalizing the LDC. I think my signature cauliflower pineapple pesto pizza best represents my efforts at doing that.”

When asked about his future goals, he responded, “I would love for the LDC to have its own episode on Chef’s Table.”

In a statement, Michelin representative Pièrre Guilliame Félix dos Santos said, “The LDC has shown that it can craft delicious meals for the 24 hours that accepted high school students visit Carleton and decide whether or not to pay $250,000 over the next four years.”

The next Monday, the Michelin inspectors returned for a follow-up visit. At that meal, they ordered mush with rice, another mush with rice, grilled chicken breast, hot chocolate from the hot chocolate machine, and extra mushy mush with rice.

They then forcibly removed the Michelin star from a wall that said “Embrace Imperfection,” set the award on fire, and left.

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