Deserving Student Takes 53rd Study Break of The Day


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By: Paulina Hoong

NORTHFIELD, MN Last Sunday, sophomore Rhine Ramos took her 53rd study break of the day.

Ramos pulled out her phone and refreshed the same Facebook feed that she refreshed seven minutes ago. “I already wrote my name and the class title at the top of this essay,” remarked the proud student. “I swear that this break is going to be short. Like five minutes tops.”

Ramos was seen two hours later watching dog videos on one half of the screen. The other half contained a near-blank word document.

“Bagel study break? OIIL study break? Ice cream study break? Late night breakfast? Sometimes, I’m taking so many breaks that I don’t even know when I’m supposed to study. I blame Carleton,” said Ramos.

In all, Ramos’s assignment only took three hours of actual work, accompanied with seven hours of earned relaxation.


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