Woman Hurriedly Types up Email to Apologize for Apologizing too Much in Previous Email

Image courtesy of pexels.com

By: Dylan Larson-Harsch

CLEVELAND, OH After a brief flash of sheer terror, Susan White avoided a crisis today by sending a follow-up email apologizing for apologizing too much in a previous email. White, 28, said that she was simply trying to inform her coworkers about her upcoming presentation, but things quickly got out of hand.

“I knew as soon as I sent that first email that something was wrong,” she said. “My male coworkers get uncomfortable when I don’t defer to them, but they also don’t like it when I show too much emotion. I knew that the only way to solve this was with more apologies.”

In her follow-up email, sent only 24 seconds after the original, White deconstructs each of her original apologies and apologizes for each one. Because the email clocked in at 235 words, White made sure to include an apology at the end for sending such a long email.

“I even thought about sending a third email apologizing for sending so many emails, but that would just be another email, and then my manager would probably feel threatened because he thinks I’m sending more emails than him,” White said. “I’ll probably just make some hand-written cards.”

When asked about the emails, Brad Jamieson, one of White’s male coworkers, said that he had not read either one, because, “Susan’s great and all, but sometimes I feel like she doesn’t think my views are the most important ones in the conversation, and that makes me pretty bummed out.”