“Scream at the Northfield Train” Event Successful, Students Sleep for the First Time in Weeks


By: Jordan Fues

NORTHFIELD, MN—After many sleepless nights due to the constant nighttime horn of the Northfield train, senior David Cage had finally had enough.

“After three years of no sleep and a development of an irrational anger towards trains, I decided to do something about the problem,” Cage said.

He created a Facebook event that brought together dozens of Carleton students early one Friday morning to give the train a piece of their minds.

“We snuck up on the train while it was sleeping and screamed at it until it stopped blowing its horn. It hasn’t kept us up at night since,” the senior said.

Another student present at the event, first year Priya Grover, was nearly in tears as she described the experience.

“The train didn’t seem to know that it had been doing anything wrong!” Grover remarked. “After we screamed at it, the horn stopped blowing immediately. Its silence seemed to apologize for all it had done… It was absolutely beautiful.”

Thanks to the brave work of Cage and fearless students all over campus, Carls will never have to complain about their lack of sleep again.