Farm House to Open Slaughterhouse in Spring

CAMPUS EASTSIDE — Farm House, known for its sustainable agricultural practices and loud outdoor parties, has announced that it will begin a project to produce fresh meat for the Carleton dining halls. Students interested in agriculture will gain opportunities to practice feeding and herding livestock, regular slaughter, and special instruction on kosher and halal slaughter techniques from the Judaic and Arabic studies faculty.

Some students have expressed concern about the unpleasant smells and noises that accompany livestock pastures and operational animal slaughter facilities. In an official response, Farm House claimed that the Malt-o-Meal factory will cover up the smell of animal poop, and that all students will benefit from the fresh, high quality, locally-sourced meat that will be available in the dining hall. Carleton’s vegan community plans to protest at the ceremonial ribbon cutting for the slaughterhouse on April 6th.

— Aaron Forman