D1 Ultimate Alum Shocked to Discover Frisbee Doesn’t Count as Work Experience

NORTHFIELD, MN: Recent Carleton grad Brian Scoober was a prized member of CUT, Carleton’s D1 men’s ultimate frisbee team, during his four years at the College. In Scoober’s own words, his Carleton experience was “pretty fucking sick,” as he enjoyed campus fame due to his ultimate expertise.

After graduating from Carleton earlier this year, Scoober entered the job market alongside many of his former classmates. Upon attending his first job interview, however, Scoober was “shook” to learn that his hours spent mastering hammer throws would not qualify as work experience in the professional world.

The self-proclaimed frisbro said, “The interviewer took one look at my résumé and laughed before asking me if I did anything other than frisbee in my college career. I was like, ‘not really, bro, but have you seen that clip of me at natties in 2016?’ She didn’t even seem impressed.”

Scoober’s next step is to bolster his résumé with coaching experience. The cutter added, “So if you know of any small liberal arts ultimate teams that are hiring, please, like, hit me up.”

Jordan Fues