Lonely Carl Satisfies Urge to Socialize By Calling Hulu Customer Service

BOULDER, CO — Sophomore David Peterson did not expect a simple call to Hulu customer service to change his life. “I was really just curious about why I was charged $6.99 instead of the usual $7.99,” confessed Peterson. “The intimate conversation that followed was completely unexpected.”

Peterson reports that call provided everything he had been missing from his in-person social interactions. “The voice on the other end gave me immediate comfort. I felt safe and confident as I read aloud the 16 digits on the front of my debit card, the 3 digits on the back, and my social security number.” Although the ephemeral phone call lasted a fleeting 18 minutes, it was enough for Peterson to realize that Hulu customer service would be his social salvation.

“There is an endless number of warm people you can meet by getting to know the ins and outs of the Hulu customer service system.” Per Peterson, a welcoming voice can be found in any part of Hulu’s vast customer service operation. “The folks at billing are far and away the most enthusiastic. However, the people in account recovery are also super nice. I do my best to steer clear of the technical issues department, but I’ll give them a ring when I’m feeling especially socially starved.”

Calling Hulu customer service is easy. “You can always have another question about your monthly bill,” remarked Peterson. “After a few days, you start to get to know individual customer service employees. Samantha and I go way back.” Peterson ended his phone interview with The Salt by confirming, “I’ve gotta call Dylan at account recovery—the final for his in-person class at the University of Phoenix was this morning.”  

–Joey Silknitter